We reward our community for decoding fake news, to start with the platform & to kick start, we are providing users with lottery tickets that we purchase from Government of Kerala & Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, this will ensure that rewards are very high & lucrative, also it will ensure transparency.

Terms & conditions apply
1. 70% of the winning sum will go to the winner, this means if the lottery winning sum is INR 1,00,000 then INR 70,0000 will go to the winner.
2. 30% of the winning sum will be held back by the Hoax News Team, it will be used to fund further incentives in the platform, platform development & to pay as salary or bonus to our full time team members. That is for INR 1,00,000 then INR 30,000 will go to Hoax News team.
3. The amount will be paid out in bank transfer within 2-3 days the lottery provider disburses the amount.
4. You need to be an Indian citizen, you need to provide your AADHAR card & PAN card.
5. The award remains void if #4 eligibility is not met, the award is non transferable.
6. Income tax on the awards need to be paid by the winner, that is for the winning 70% of the money the winner needs to pay income tax on their own, however for the remaining 30% winning sum, the income tax will be paid by Hoax News team.
7. The ticket number along with a picture of the same will be uploaded in the platform or Emailed, this will ensure that user can check the result themselves ensuring full transparency.
8. Lottery tickets will issued only to those users who have highest number of community driven published decoded hoax news during a specified time period, please note that while publishing the articles we do cross check with other platform to check originality of user submitted content, so copy/pasting from other hoax decoding sites is a strict No and we won’t be publishing these articles with credit to the user.
8. We reserve the right to change any of the above rules without any prior notice in the best interest of the public & this platform.